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Combo 3 in 1 V8
Combo 3 in 1 V8

Combo 3 in 1 V8


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Product description: “Smartphone holder for smartphone in the car”

– Compatibility: The holder fits most smartphones with screens from 4 to 6 inches. It features customizable mounts, making it easy to adjust to the size of your device.
– Flexibility: The holder has a flexible hinge that allows you to easily change the angle and position of your smartphone for optimal viewing.
– Mounting: The holder features a secure suction cup or magnetic mount that provides a strong and secure attachment to your car’s glass, dashboard or air vent.
– Easy to use: The holder has a single button for quick insertion and removal of your smartphone. It also has slots to comfortably charge your device or use the headphone jacks without having to remove it from the holder.
– Stability: The holder keeps your smartphone securely in place even on rough roads and during sharp turns.

Material, color and dimensions:
– Material: The holder is made of durable and plastic material for durability and stability.
– Color: Various color options are available such as black, silver, white, etc. You can choose the color that matches your preference or car interior.
– Dimensions: The holder is compact in size to fit easily into the car and not block the view from the driver’s seat. Typically, it measures approximately 10cm in height, 5cm in width and 3cm in depth. Dimensions may vary slightly depending on the model.

Quantity and delivery set:
– The scope of delivery includes one smartphone holder for your smartphone in the car. Optional operating instructions and accessories such as glass suction cup, magnetic plate, etc. may be included.

The smartphone holder for car provides a convenient and safe solution for using your smartphone while driving. It is compatible with various models and sizes of smartphones, provides flexibility of angle adjustment and easy installation on various car surfaces. The holder’s manufacturing material is strong and durable, and the variety of color options allows you to choose the right one for your style. The compact size of the holder allows you to install it in a convenient location without blocking the view from the driver’s seat. The delivery set usually includes the holder itself and additional accessories for installation and comfortable use of your smartphone in the car.

Product Description: Memory Card

A memory card is a device for storing data such as photos, videos, music and other files. It is an important part of many devices including cameras, camcorders, cell phones and tablets.

– Capacity: Memory cards are available in a variety of capacities, usually listed in gigabytes (GB). Popular options include cards with capacities of 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 GB and higher. Capacity is chosen based on your storage needs.
– Read and Write Speed: Memory cards have specified read and write speeds, usually expressed in megabytes per second (MB/s). Higher read and write speeds provide faster access to data and faster writing of files to the card.
– Speed Class: Some memory cards have a speed class such as Class 4, Class 10, etc. The speed class determines the minimum guaranteed write speed of the memory card. A high speed class ensures faster writing of data to the card.
– Card Type: There are different types of memory cards such as SD (Secure Digital), microSD, CF (CompactFlash) and others. It is important to choose a memory card that is suitable for the device in which it will be used.

Material, color and size:
– Material: Memory cards are usually made of plastic material that provides durability and data protection.
– Color: Memory cards can come in different colors, but this does not affect their functionality. They are often a standard gray color.
– Dimensions: The physical dimensions of a memory card depend on the type of card. For example, a standard SD card measures approximately 3.2 cm long and 2.4 cm wide, while a microSD card measures about 1.5 cm long and 1.1 cm wide. The dimensions of the card are important to consider when using it with your devices so that it can be inserted and work properly.

Quantity and delivery set:
– One memory card of your chosen capacity and type is included.
– Additionally, a card reader or adapter may be provided to read data from the memory card on a computer or other device.
– Some manufacturers may also include protective cases or containers for storing the memory card.

A memory card is an important device for storing data and providing additional memory in various devices. It has different specifications such as capacity, read and write speed, speed class and others. Memory cards are available in different sizes and types to suit the requirements of different devices. You will be provided with one memory card of your chosen capacity and type, and possibly additional accessories such as a card reader or protective container, depending on the manufacturer.

Package include:
– 2 Holder
– 1 Memory card
– Use manual


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